All About LEGO Star Wars Mini Figures

Star Wars LEGOs is so much fun and kids of all ages are always thrilled to add these little plastic bricks to their toy boxes. Every kid wants Yoda to sit on their chest, and there are so many different LEGO Star Wars mini figures to choose from that your child is sure to find one they love. Add to any collector’s collection with two Yoda LEGO minifigures in a matching set! This intricately detail-filled 75 255-piece set includes a posable small head and ears, tiny fingers and toes, a blaster rifle and two standard hands, and an outer space-like Yoda mask. Included in this wonderful LEGO set is the Yoda Spaceship, four numbered LEGO build books, and two card packs with a map and instructions for building the Spaceship.

Included in this set is a youngster who is waiting for Yoda to arrive at the Jedi academy on Coruscant! At the end of Yoda’s first lesson, Jaina and Luke come running in, and when Yoda sees Jaina, he is overjoyed! He then follows them to the academy and helps Jaina and Luke in their battle against the Emperor. This minifigures are included in a two-packs, so this is a great addition to your collection if you already have these other LEGO minifigures like Han, Chewie and Darth Vader!

These two minifigures are an original release of the original Star Wars movie, so they really look like they have come right off the movie screens. They are extremely tiny in size but look ten times larger when portrayed through dark paints and thick vinyl paints. These mini figures also have very detailed heads that are painted in a dark grey and blue. They also come with two sets of appendages – a robe and a helmet, which jut out further than most minifigures! On the sides of his robe, there are small buttons and a piece of an outer garment that retracts when pressed. You can change the button holes to make them interchangeable with any other character’s head accessory.

The Emperor is played by Vader, who is armed with a black sword and a TIE pilot. He also has two stormtroopers at his side, one with a blaster and another with a Vader-like helmet. For the Emperor, the torso comes with different accessories: an Emperor Palpatine head, and two chest plates that are blue and silver in color. You also get two chrome sabers and two standard sabers for playing with the minifigures!

The Jedi minifigures are just as tiny as the Emperor and as scary looking! The five in every four minifigures are based on characters from the original trilogy of films! You have Anakin Skywalker, followed by Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia. In addition to the helmets and weapons, the five mini Jedi minifigures also come with a purple temple and a dark knight figurine. These figures are mostly available in sets and each includes their own individual Jedi Knight miniature.

Both sets of Yoda LEGO are available to purchase separately, or as part of a larger LEGO minifigures collection. The first set, released in May 2021, included eight minifigures including Yoda, Luke, Vader, and Leia. The second set, released in September 2021, added twelve more minifigures to the original eight.